Monthly Archives: October 2014

Over the last few days we’ve been working on the database that runs IWM. As the backbone of IWM, it handles  hundreds of transactions per second, impressing us at being a tireless workhorse. But still, we ask more and more of it.

On Oct 22 we started a database upgrade to give us fault tolerance, and it ultimately failed, causing a quick scramble and roll back. While we knew there was going to be downtime, and put a notice on the website, there was more downtime than we liked, and we apologize for that.

The upside is that our database now sits on a server with twice the RAM, and is certainly faster.

Going forward we will be tuning the database in the hope that it will be faster more stable.  We appreciate your patience as we work on this.


We’re thinking of replacing the map.

The map, powered by Google, is showing its age. It’s not easily refreshed in place (a.k.a. without a page reload), doesn’t look all that good on mobile, and can only display a few hundred points before it slows down your browser with heavy javascript calls.

What we’d like to know, is how you use the map. Do you use the zoom functions, or are they even of any interest? Would you mind if the map was fixed (e.g. not zoomable), and stayed on a “world scale” all the time? The upside would be that it would look good on a mobile device and display very fast. The only downside, that we can see, is that it wouldn’t be zoomable. But is this really that much of a concern?

As we roll out new features of the IWM, we want to make sure we’re going in the right direction with our loyal fans. If you wouldn’t mind, please take the one question survey at the top of the map. It only takes one click, and will help us a lot.


We had to take the Map Settings offline for a few days while we corrected some underlying software. It’s all fixed, and available again under “My Account” in the menu bar when logged in.


The IMW has grown substantially in 2014, nearly tripling in size. Keeping up with the questions about features and maintaining an updated roadmap has become difficult without a place to collect this information. This blog will reflect rolling updates to IWM as well as system announcements for both the public and members.

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